Friday, August 01, 2008

Curse you Kristy Bagg...

Those of you who know me well know that I do not have a competitive bone in my body! (Hold on just a second while I wipe the sarcasm that is dripping from my computer!!) However, I have many other friends who just can't get enough...friendly competition that is. Just when I was settling into a good 3-3.5 mile groove where I could actually run that distance and feel good, my used to be good friend Kristy challenges me to see who can run the most miles in the next two weeks or so. And she was pretty sneaky in setting up the challenge...I never saw it coming! So, I had to get up early ON MY DAY OFF to get a good start on the mileage is top secret for now!

In other kids and I spent the ENTIRE day at Six Flags today! I used to wonder what kind of idiots went to Six Flags in August. Now I know! There's lots to tell but it will have to wait...I'M POOPED.

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