Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Could I just start paying someone to blog for me? Is that possible? Deneise?

Here's my new news for the day: For the first time ever, I dropped a kid off (John Wesley) at daycare. LaPetite Academy is the fancy name for it, but it's still daycare. I'm feeling guilty about my lack of feeling guilty!

JW is totally syked. They had him at "hello"! If need be, I can drop him at 6:00am and return at 6:00pm...yeah, I'm totally considering it! Then, I could be his evening/weekend care and LaPetite could be his daytime care!!!

Here's the downside: $130/week. OUCH!

So, if you know of a good part time job I could start doing that ends by 6:00pm, let me know!


  1. i could start blogging for you, but i also charge $130/week. you should ask for a raise. you and deneise should get paid per child each wed/sun at church...that should be your next devo at staff...haha.

  2. i like the way you think!! Just bringing my own kids earns me a fortune!!

  3. ok, ok, ok...i'll blog for you!!!! i can't handle reading lapetite one more time!!!! bring back the pumpkin man...anything!!!!!