Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nastiest Dinner Ever

Can anyone interpret this for me? "maybe you will found some good the artilce site." This was a comment left on one of my blogs. Just maybe I will found some good the atilce site...whatever the heck that means!

I just looked at Abbee and she was finishing off her mac and cheese with her fingers. Table manners are so overrated...not that she was actually at the table. She was sitting on the couch watching Cars eating the wholesome meal I made for my family: fish sticks and mac and cheese. I can, with complete honesty, say that this is the first time in the ten years I have had children that I have ever fed them fish sticks!

Mac and cheese (as it should be) is a staple; but, fish sticks? EEEEEEEEWWWWWW! I had a slight tinge of guilt as I served them up without a trace of a vegetable for balance. What have I become? I used to be a health and fitness advocate. I used to give nutritional advice to heart patients! Now, I'm clogging the arteries of my seed for the sake of convenience. (I must pause here to say Emma and Bubba ate every last fish stick on their plates and asked for more...Emma NEVER asks for seconds...she had thirds!!!)

Just goes to show how life can beat us down and leave us as just a trace of the once decent human being we used to be!

P.S. Feel free to report me to CPS...I could use the break!


  1. You should have been at our house for supper. I made:
    -pork chops with an orange-rosemary glaze
    -broccoli with a lemon butter sauce
    -cheesey parmesean bread

    I've got the left overs to prove it. And sorry about not capturing 1/3 of your children on camera. It was not intentional.

  2. time for a new post!

  3. seriously...time for a new post!!!

  4. Just to rub it in a little more...
    tonight Margo made
    -mini-turkey burgers with cheddar cheese and dijon mustard
    -warm potato salad with chives

    C'mon Charlie! We need a new post Charlie!