Monday, September 24, 2007

Murder, Softball, and Birthday Parties!

The weekend proved full and busy with a softball tournament, a birthday party, and a murder to solve. Friday night was spent at the church as I was playing Sarah McLachlan in the Mystery Dinner. I don't know why I agree to do these things as they make me so very nervous...I keep thinking I'll get over it, but, not so much! Anyway, that went fine. I survived. Not true for poor Bob Johnston.

On Saturday, Wes took Jordan to her FIVE GAME tournament while I had the joy of sharing the day with the others. The highlight of the weekend for those aforementioned "others" was Deacon's birthday party. It had been on the calendar for a couple of weeks and the kids had asked about it eagerly from time to time. As the party grew closer, the kids were asking me about every ten minutes when we were going to leave for Deacon's party. Which brings me to my quote of the weekend. We were about thirty minutes until party time when Emma comes into the kitchen and begins this conversation:
Emma: Does Deacon live very far away?
Me: No, honey, he lives right around the corner!
Emma: Yay! It won't take very long to get to his party.
Me: Just a couple of minutes.
Emma: Mom?
Me: yes, Emma?
Emma: Do I even know Deacon?
Me: (while laughing) yes, Emma. He's Margo and Clayton's baby.
Emma: OOOOOOHHHHH. I was wondering who Deacon was!
Which just goes to show that kids handle life much more positively than we do! She didn't care who Deacon was; she couldn't wait to get to his party!

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  1. God does answer prayer.
    Shellee is blogging again!