Thursday, September 27, 2007

No Wisdom for You!, you might want to pray for Emma. Turns out, her parents stink...we are stinky parents and I think you'll agree. (I actually think we suck, but I didn't know if suck was an appropriate word for a family blog!)

I am very proud of my kids and how they haved worked very hard at memorizing their verses for Wednesday Night W.I.L.D. However, I am especially impressed with Emma as she has learned EVERY verse for September with ENTHUSIASM!! In fact, she can still recall every one and the scripture reference. Which, is why her parents are even lousier than you might have suspected.

Last night, she learned Proverbs 8:33 "Listen to my instruction and be wise. Do not ignore it." As she recited the verse to her teachers, she shared this bit of info with them...

"I can't listen to God's instructions because I don't have a Bible. My sisters have lots of Bibles but I don't even have one! So, I can't be wise!"

Yes, that is the story her teacher shared with me when I picked her up from class last night! And, yes, after thinking about it quite a bit...with the exception of the baby's first Bible that she is not allowed to "play" with...she really DOESN'T have a Bible! I can't believe Emma doesn't have a Bible.

She usually carries one of Abbee's old ones! The poor child longs to grow spiritually and her parents are making it really difficult! So, that's that. No Bible? No wisdom for you!

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