Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tired Heart

It's 7:30 AM and I have been awake for two hours.



My sweet Emma took off on a road trip with some friends to reunite with her BFF Lexie!

Those two have face-timed every single day for the last three weeks or so planning which bags to bring, what necessities should be in each bag, and where to purchase the same exact word search books and sudoku puzzles so that, even though they will be in separate cars for their individual 8 hour treks, they will be doing the exact same things!

Seriously, Emma's excitement could not be contained.

Until last night.

Around bedtime, of course, Emma began to come to terms with the gravity of the situation. When she arrives back home Sunday evening, I will be gone. The big girls and I are headed to a basketball tournament for the week, and Wes and the littles are staying behind.

Emma was struggling a bit with the 10 whole days that I won't see my mom thing! I rubbed her back while she sobbed into her pillow.

I assured her she didn't HAVE to go! ;)

Then, this morning as she snuggled up beside me AT 5:30 AM, she said...

"I'm really excited now! That was just my tired heart talking last night!"  
And, with that, both her tired heart AND her tired little body said goodbye with an completely excited smile on her tired little face!

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