Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Great Idea...

Here's an idea. Pick the hottest, most humid day in July, wait until nap time, and go to the zoo on half-price day! Sounds fun right?

One of the things my sister really wanted to do while they were in town was hit the zoo because Randee, their youngest, had never been! So, Wednesday afternoon, it was zoo or bust!

When we weren't throwing fits, melting down, or whining, I think everyone was having a great time!

Here's GG refusing to take a picture!

I tricked her into turning toward me!Randee was much more cooperative!
And, here is everyone faking a smile one last time before we left!!
Randee survived her very first trip to the zoo; but, judging by the looks on her parents' faces when we left, it may very well be her last!

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