Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One Team, One Goal, One Mission... SIX!

THESA Varsity Girls took their SIXTH National title and we were there to see it!
These girls are an amazing basketball team, playing against the best teams in the state of Texas during the season, and finishing with domination at the both the State and National Homeschool Tournaments!
They were led by Moriah Jefferson (ranked as the #2 girl in the nation, #1 guard, and headed to UConn this summer on a full ride!). If you ever have the opportunity to watch this girl play, you should take it!  She is an astounding point guard who can handle the ball with jaw-dropping dexterity!
While Mo is certainly a stud, this team of ballers has plenty of other talent on the floor as well as the bench!

They were a delight to watch!

Congrats, Riders!  Well played indeed!


  1. Good year for basketball, don't you think?

  2. Glad to be of help, Now, if only I could get myself to write about the next park…

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