Saturday, August 30, 2008

First Week Random Musings...

I haven't been able to blog since the first day of school because, frankly, my head is still spinning! Seriously, can you say whirlwind? I feel like I have been in a wind tunnel with back packs, uniform, 3000 trees worth of forms to fill out, and four EXTREMELY TIRED kids!

Don't think I didn't have big plans for being bigtime organized when school started back. No more of the helter skelter life that is summer, but back to the straight and narrow complete with morning responsibilities, after school chores, and after dinner responsibilities! And can I say, my grandios plans went over like poop in a punch bowl! My kids took right to cats to water!

In the morning, we did pretty well. Beds were made, teeth were brushed, bathrooms were straightened, and we were ON TIME! After school? Jordan had a 60% completion rate with remembering and actually doing her after school chore. Abbee, Emma, and JW? Let's just say, they are still thinking about it! Utter and complete failure with that whole "let's all work together to keep the place from being a hazardous wasteland" idea. They did enjoy laying out their uniforms for the next day before they went to bed...ALL OVER THE LIVING ROOM FURNITURE! So, they got the broad concept, we just need to work on cleaning up the technique!

JW was also 60% at keeping his color on green (which means he had a great day). Apparently, following directions was giving him a little trouble and also keeping his clothes on (not to worry, he got busted after only removing his SHIRT!). He got back on track on Friday and finished the week with a smiley face stamp!

Abbee finished the week with a HUGE GASH in her knee complete with bright red gushing blood and extreme cries of agony followed by repeated mantras of "it burns it burns it burrrnnnnssss!"
While I mopped up the blood that was making its way down her leg to my COUCH (I don't think so!) and also soothed the pain with an ice pack, Wes was apparently cleaning out the medicine cabinet.(Seriously, this is all STILL OUT ON THE KITCHEN COUNTER!)

He was supposedly looking for the antibiotic ointment while simultaneously mumbling under his breath about the sheer impossibility of this actually happening when there is nothing sharp on her scooter (which was the apparatus on which the grand-canyon sized gash occurred). Meanwhile, Abbee's still crying, moaning, and occassionally WAILING!

Finally, I tell him to let me find it as he assures me it's flat not there because he has looked EVERYWHERE. I actually believed him this time because he had apparently destroyed what was once the medicine cabinet in the wake of his search. However, when I dug through the container labeled "minor first aid" (which was already out on the counter), low and behold there was not one tube of antibiotic ointment. No there most certainly was not...BECAUSE THERE WERE TWO!!! (Wes's complete inability to find things is another post entirely!).

SO, Abbee got patched up. Jordan went to Natalie's for the night. Abbee and Emma went to Gabbi's. And, JW went to Granpa's! Wes and I? We went to dinner... ALONE!!Texas de Brazil thank you very much! I never want to eat red meat again but it was DELICIOUS! Especially the complementary champagne for our anniversary!

So, we survived week one and have spent our Saturday recuperating from the initial shock of it all! Here's to hoping we can fine tune those slight descrepancies between my fatastic illusions of an organized home and the kids' complete mind-boggling ability to thrive in chaos!


  1. While I was reading I thought, oh my goodness did that happen at school and I totally missed it?? I remembered her asking for a band aid for something but I didn't remember there being a lot of blood!

    And, the red ink on her hand--I totally told her and Parker not to do that!! :)

  2. I could have written the part about school/home/chores/organization word for word!! I feel you pain, girl!!

  3. I mean YOUR pain, girl!

    I hate it when I do that!

  4. Shellee, thanks for commenting at my blog today. By your comment, I thought I might visit you and find a melancholy post, but Girl, you are UP! I think because you have to be, with that beautiful family of yours. You have a knack for telling a story, and I was smiling all the way through this post. Not laughing at you, just smiling out of recognition of those crazy family moments and the blood "not on my couch!"

  5. that stinks for kids come home from school asking how they can help make my life easier!!$??! there is a reason God only let me have 2 kiddos. i can hardly keep them clean and fed!! all of those forms are killin' me too...but you know...all 22 of my kids returned all of those forms the very next day!! :) :)