Thursday, February 03, 2011

A Random List of Snow Day(s) Facts

1. We are on day THREE of being cooped up in the house, and I am running out of 3+ star recommendations on Netflix.

2. Yesterday, Wes ventured into the wild icy streets and returned with three gallons of milk, two bags of cookies, two 12 packs of Dr. Pepper, a 12 pack of Mountain Dew, gatorade, some cinnamon bagels, Cool Ranch Doritos, regular tortilla chips, Sour Cream, and S'mores supplies. I think it's safe to say that proper nutrition is a priority in our home!

3. I have only left the warmth of my house long enough to step onto the front porch and take a picture.

4. I made my kids do some school yesterday. Homeschoolers get shafted on snow days!

5. Yesterday, JW thought it would be fun to pound the side of the house that happens to be the outer wall of our bedroom with a hammer. Wes used his Flash Gordan skills to confront JW before he even had the chance to drop the hammer. When Wes asked him what he hit, he told him "that pile of rocks." When Wes questioned the sound we heard in comparison to the sound a hammer would make when hitting a pile of rocks, JW replied, "I used both hands!"

6. JW is a terrible liar.

7. Abbee and Baylee stayed outside ALL day yesterday "snowboarding" down the hill in the back yard.

8. Abbee and Baylee are studs.

9. If I lived in the North, I would probably star in a cable channel series entitle "The Two-Ton Woman."

10. Wes keeps taking my favorite coffee mug. It throws off the natural order of the universe. I would send his arse back to work but then I wouldn't have anyone to fetch me my snacks.

11. It's supposed to snow again tomorrow.

12. Crazy.


  1. Hey, Shellee! This is hilarious, I love these sights! Your intelegents amazes me! What a mean teacher to make your kids do school instead of playing allll-day! Lol! Keep up the pics & info! I love it, it makes my day! How do you do these sights? I use my droid for everything! Girl, I love you!


  2. hahaha!!!! lol...i love this post! :)

  3. I am totally with you on #9 . . . maybe it could be The Two-Ton Women of Tarrant County!!!

  4. I ate....and ate.....then ate some more when we were snowed in. For some reason, I thought we had to eat everything in the house before the snow melted-it was a race against time. I am glad I had elastic-wasted pants.

  5. best post ever. i'm still laughing!

  6. Estou achando que conviver com eles é sempre uma aventura legal. visite meu blog e comente.

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  8. lolz.......i wanna download this.....