Sunday, August 27, 2006

Drop the Rock and Walk Away

Well, I spent the weekend at WOF...came home sick. It's no wonder! 16,999 women all sharing their germs with me. That was not very nice by the way! Did you women not learn anything about being Jesus with skin on?

As a result, I've spent the day (at least the majority of it) curled up in my bed unable to stand in the upright position. I'm not that concerned as I enjoy lying down!

My thought from WOF:
I had the opportunity to have a very interesting discussion regarding Sandi Patti. The question posed--should someone who had an affair and married her lover be asked to lead worship at WOF? It was suggested that since she has married him, she can't truly repent and "turn" from her sin. If this is so, that puts poor Sandi into a pretty sad state as divorce would be her only way to truly repent and divorce itself is a sin. So, she should sin in order to truly repent?

My question is their a point where the blood of Jesus no longer covers all of our sins? If you are to truly believe that Sandi "has no right" to lead worship, you must disregard large portions of the Bible as they were written by murderers, adulterers, and sinners...all inspired by God.

Exhibit A: David
Known for being a "man after God's own heart"
List of sins (not an exhaustive list): lust, dishonesty, adultery, murder

Exhibit B: Saul/Paul
Known for being the greatest missionary ever
Didn't he kill, imprison, beat, and hunt Christians? Yes, I believe he did.

How is it that we are oh so willing to accept God's grace; yet, so unwilling to extend it to others?
How dare we question another's right to worship? It is the very grace that Sandi sings about that allows her to stand again and sing. It is Sandi's story that gives hope to others who have made the same poor choices that she has made. It is the reality that none of us have any rights with God apart from the blood of Jesus.

How have we become such a self-righteous church? I think if Jesus were sent back to earth today, he'd have a thing or two to say to 21st century Christians. He might start by asking us to just shut up...unless asking someone to shut up is really as bad as my mom used to make it out to be!!

I believe, if nothing else, he might repeat the words he said to those accusing the woman caught in adultery...whoever of you is without sin, let him cast the first stone. I, like the accusers in the story, would have to drop my rock and walk away.


  1. you are the wisest person i know. i didn't see you at wof, were you vomiting in the bathroom or something??? i never knew sandi patti had an affair...i think it all comes back to sin is sin to God regardless of how major or minor we think it is...what if we overheard natalie grant gossiping, would we ask for her resigntation? so patti committed a sin that we think is're right that not one of us on planet earth has a right to condemn her b/c we aren't sinless (this last statement is only true until jesus comes back, then he can be the only one on planet earth to condemn, which is so not like him anyways)

  2. well done shell-shell! thanks for the reminder that it's best to err on the side of grace! thanks again for keepin' it real!