Monday, June 30, 2008

This post is long overdue! I really should have posted these pics about a month ago, but I didn't. At this point, I don't remember exactly why!! But...the following is an excerpt from the hair saga that was mine...
So, the drama began after a trip to the FW Botanic Gardens where Leigh snapped a couple of pictures of me and Wes. This one in particular showed my head from the back. Now, I knew I was long overdue for my hair appointment (I had cancelled three different times...I last had my hair colored in December!) and I joked about having 6 inch roots, but I had never actually seen it in the sunlight! WHITE TRASH ROOTS BABY!

After the sheer horror from seeing that picture subsided, I sent an innocent text to my good friend Jenny..."should I just buy a bottle from Walmart and fix my roots myself?"

Her reply..."absolutely! and I can even do highlights!"

So, we set the date, I bought the bottle, and gave Jenny a call. The conversation went something like this...
Me: Hey, are you still coming over to do my hair?
Jen: Uummmmm...are you really gonna do a bottle job?
Me: You're the one who said (and I quote) absolutely! Remember, you could even do highlights!
Jen: Yea...I so can. I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing but I'm sure we can make it happen! You go ahead and put the base color on and I'll be there in a little bit.

Meanwhile...Deneise stops by! And I volunteer her to put the base color on for me!

The rest of the story is captured quite vividly in the following pictures...

Here's the lesson:
Texting is a VERY LIMITED form of communication. What I heard was an enthusiastic, confident, "ABSOLUTELY! I can even do highlights!"

What she said was an extremely sarcastic, don't you dare do a bottle job, "absolutely! I can even do highlights!"

Needless to say, we had some really great laughs that night. I sat totally at the mercy of two amateur cosmetologist who OBVIOUSLY had everything under control!! And, I remember why I was waiting to do this post! I wanted an after picture! Too bad. No after picture. Wouldn't this have been a much better post with an after picture though?


  1. that is totally james' shirt you are wearing...from like forever ago! i liked him in that shirt...oh! and you too ;D When did you guys do this? I didn' even notice....but i'm sure it looks great :D

  2. a small disclaimer...long past due! i can't realy do highlights; although, it always looked easy sitting in the chair watching. in spite of my inexperience, the 'lights' turned out great! and that picture... i dropped a HUGH glob of bleach on the already truffle colored hair. good times, sister!

  3. I never even noticed your trashy roots!!

  4. I don't know at this point if I had trashy roots or trashy tips!!

  5. I love that Jenny and Deneise look so very confident in their skills!

  6. I meant reaLLy. I hate it when I misspell...a teacher just shouldn't do that!

  7. I'm guessing you meant "HUGE" too! hee hee!

  8. wow!! where have i been? you posted this on the 30th & i'm just now reading?? anyway, jenny and i are available...and we come pretty cheap!!!

  9. whoa!!! you got a lot of comments on this blog :)