Thursday, October 18, 2007

"Catching" up

I took a few pics of JP catching a couple of weekends ago. Actually, I think Leigh took most of them, but I can't remember. (Speaking of can't remember, I forgot that I was supposed to sub a step class last Saturday at 8:30 am...yes, I'm an irresponsible loser...however, it didn't keep them from letting me sub again the following Wednesday! It's a good thing they need me!!) I digress...back to the cute pics...take a look at these:

And, here is Glory taking in the game...

She is on the edge of her seat!!


  1. After reading it a couple of times, I finally "got" your "catchy" title!! Very clever!

    I normally don't use that many "quotes" in one sentence!!

  2. thanks for NOT getting me in the picture :D