Saturday, October 06, 2007

Little Pyromaniac

So... Thursday night, John Wesley was in Sarah's room (along with Emma) and they were just hanging out while Sarah studied. I was in the living room and I overheard this:
Sarah: What are you doing? No! You never do that! You could burn the house down!

This certainly peaked my interest so I made my way into the bedroom to see who was causing the comotion. Sarah tells me that JW just got up, took a piece of paper and held it in the flame of her candle she was burning. He just wanted to catch it on fire!!

Finding this a touch disturbing, I reprimanded him strongly and urged him never ever to do that again with various threats of pain if he did! Fast forward to Friday morning...JW and I are walking out the front door to take the girls to school and he says: "Aunt Shellee, I wish our house would burn down so I could watch those guys come fix it."

Having absolutely no idea from wence came that thought, I tried to strongly reiterate to him that burning the house down was a bad idea the whole time wondering what kind of psychotherapy would be needed to alter the mind of a pyromaniac!

Fast forward to this afternoon...Leigh and I were cooking dinner and I was telling her about JW's obsession with burning down the house. She says, "Oh! I bet that's because the fire fighters came to school last week!"

Which brings me to my point: Maybe celebrating our community helpers is a BAD BAD plan! All of my other children have gone through pre-school and the community helpers month and I don't believe that any of them have ever thought to burn the house down in order to see the guys in action! I have enough worries in my life without having to be concerned about JW's master plans! And do you wanna know what's worse? Next week, the police are coming! (All guns and knives are being safely removed from the house as we speak!) Perhaps I'll just buy a Tazer and keep it handy in case he tries to find the matches!!


  1. Very funny!! Maybe he and Luke need to get together - Luke was warming up his oatmeal in the microwave and couldn't remember if he should push 1-0-0 or 9-1-1!! Those "fighter-fighters" really made an impact!!

  2. I never cease to be amazed at the insight of my children. Does a dad proud!!!!!!!