Saturday, December 15, 2007


We spent the first week of December with Mickey and some of his friends! It was a magical week full of fun, adventure, and smiles...with a slight dose of whining, complaining, and all out tears! After six very long, full-throttle days, we were all happy to say goodbye to happily ever after and return to the real world. For me, Rockin Roller Coaster and Expedition Everest were the top rides of the parks (the kids loved Space Mountain and we rode it at least 15 times! Splash Mountain was another fave and after several rides, I discovered the best way to keep dry involved more than choosing a seat in the back...I resorted to a rain pancho!) Here are just a few glimpses of our fantasmic week...

This is Emma sporting both her Minnie ears and some 3D glasses! Emma had to have these Minnie ears first thing...she would not take "later" for an answer! She wore them proudly...and looked mighty cute I must say!

JW and Emma showin a little love on the Mickey Express!

This is Thunder Mountain Railroad...another favorite among the kiddos!

We had met Belle the day before this picture (which was taken at Cinderella's Royal Table inside the castle!!) and she remembered the girls. They were so excited that she remembered meeting them. She was so super sweet and treated them each like royalty!

This was the spectacular fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom...and I do mean WOW! You have never been so amazed by pyrotechnology than seeing a fireworks show at Disney!

Although it was the most EXHAUSTING vacation we've taken in awhile, it was so incredibly perfect. Seeing the kids having so much fun and being amazed over and over again was (to use the words of the MasterCard commercial)..."priceless!"


  1. im so happy you guys had so much fun! cute pictures:D

  2. You write very well.