Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Soul's Prayer

There is a heaviness deep in my chest that is much more than heartache. It is a groaning deep in the recesses of my soul that cannot be soothed but must be felt. To feel it is to weep uncontrollably, but to suppress it is to carry a pain so intense that it seems my next breath will not come. I realize that I am not alone in this anguish. There are countless others across the world who are feeling their own versions of it. Tonight, I pray for those. I lift up every soul that is unable to carry the pain it is being forced to feel and I ask God to lift that burden if only for a moment and allow those souls to be at peace, the kind of peace that cannot be understood or explained. The peace that comes only from knowing that our lives here are temporal, like the beautiful spring flowers that will soon begin to whither with summer's heat. The peace of knowing that to die is to gain access to a face to face relationship with Christ. The peace of knowing that heaven has to be everything wonderful that we experience here to a degree that we cannot begin to fathom. Lord Jesus, soothe our souls. Amen.


  1. Shellee,
    I cannot sleep. I am questioning God. I feel a sadness that I can't describe. I have an overwhelming sense of anxiety.
    I am thanking God for the short time we shared last week and the opportunity to talk to Jesus at my Unca Charlie's bedside. I am asking Him for the peace that passes all understanding to fill us. I'm praying especially for you at this very moment.

  2. Your family is in our prayers!