Thursday, May 29, 2008

John Wesley

When I was old enough to be thinking that someday I might be a mother, I was certain that I would most definitely give birth to sons. (Deep down, I'm pretty sure I knew that the only way to avoid having a daughter who put me through the kind of hell I put my mom through would be to not have a daughter at all!) With every pregnancy I could just "feel it"...I was definitely having a boy! So, imagine my surprise when I heard the words "it's a girl"...THREE TIMES!! After three tries I was done. No boys for me.

Who knew that God indeed had a little guy in store for me and that he would be packaged in some beautiful olive skin with two huge brown eyes and a melt your heart smile?

That little guy graduated from The Grace Place tonight and I have to admit, I got a little misty eyed! He could not be more excited about going to Blue Haze with the girls. As we walked out of the sanctuary tonight, he told a complete stranger, "I'm gonna turn six next week!" (Total lie! He just turned 5 four months ago!!)

Here he is in all his cuteness (and don't let that precious face fool you, he's definitely not as sweet as he looks!)


  1. Blue Haze won't ever be the same with JW and Luke!!

  2. i love this post...and you are beautiful in that picture by the way!

  3. girl...he looks like you in that picture! you 2 are too, too cute! do you think i'll hear, "miss durneise" everyday at blue haze?? :)