Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Emma Lou Who...

Today is a day that Emma has put off for quite some time! Every year around her birthday (mostly because Jordan did this on her fifth birthday), Emma would contemplate getting her ears pierced. When she was four, she vowed that when she was five years old, she would be "big enough" to do it! At five, she decided six was a better age. And so, she waited another year. When six rolled around, seven didn't seem like such a bad age to get your ears pierced. After I shared that I was eight when I had mine done, she was sure she had plenty of time!, my precious little Emma turned seven and she finally did it!
Although her face says it all, at this point in the game, she was waiting for the "technician" to get all her paraphanalia ready and becoming more and more anxious. Meanwhile, Lexie was saying (over and over and over) can do it Emma! You're going to be so brave. It's not even gonna hurt one bit! I know you can do it. Just squeeze your Mom's hand really tight!

After a couple of minutes of Lexie's non-stop encouragement, Emma looked over at Lexie and replied...You're making it worse, Lexie!

So Lexie (in a whisper) says...then I'll just shut my yapper! (too funny!)

Here is the big moment...captured by her mom that was so busy trying to catch it on camera, she had to be reminded she was supposed to be squeezing Emma's hand!! OOPS!!

So here she is, my beautiful seven year old daughter...complete with pierced ears!

Emma is truly a sweet, sweet girl. She can be a little ditzy at times, but lucky for her, she has two older sisters to keep her aware of her inadequate knowledge of all things cool! She has recently decided she loves to read and has read for hours and hours so far this summer. She also loves playing school with Abbee, JW, Gabbi, and Lexie. When she grows up, she wants to be a vet and a teacher.

I love the way God has blessed me with three girls who are each completely unique. I love Emma's smile. It lights up her whole face. And nothing snaps you out of a funk faster than Emma's giggle. And she giggles about pretty much everything! She even giggles when she's sad trying to keep herself from crying.

So, happy birthday to my one and only princess. (Neither of my other girls enjoy that label!) You bring me joy every day. I love you.


  1. Way to go Emma!!

    That girl has one of the greatest smiles of all time!!

  2. This is so precious! She is adorable and so brave! :)

  3. love that girl...cant wait to spend some time with her this week! ;D