Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pandora's Box

Sometime around Christmas, Wes found this chair (along with a matching ottoman) curbside and brought it home to me. Initially, I wanted to purchase a new chair and ottoman for the living room, but when I realized that one of my children would have to forego college in order for that to happen, I began searching Craig's List for a chair and ottoman set that I could recover. Being indecisive and noncommittal, I gave Wes plenty of time to find one that bore his favorite price tag: FREE! Don't think he wasn't SO VERY PROUD of himself! (He even tried to convince me that the navy/cream/floral combo went perfectly with our existing decor!!)

Thankfully, it was a decent chair with no foul odor, and was in great shape structurally. As an added bonus, Wes bought me a pneumatic stapler so that I could tackle the job like a pro! So the hunt for the perfect fabric was on.

What Wes didn't realize was he had just lifted the lid of Pandora's box!!

The fabric selection for the chair make-over led to a series of selections that would find my entry and living room completely overhauled by the end of Spring Break! (Complete with pictorial proof of all of my hard work!)

Here is my chair completely naked:

And the after:

Please stay tuned as I will reveal how an ottoman slip cover led to a curtain overhaul which insisted on a throw pillow update!



  1. Anonymous11:50 PM

    WOW!!! I am so impressed, and so very happy I know where to turn next time we find a free item curbside!! =0)

  2. you've got skilz!

  3. Wow!
    that turned out so great! You've got yourself some talent there and a great looking chair to boot!

  4. FREE!?!?!? you rocked this project, inside and out.

  5. Are you a professional reupholsterer? Cuz it sure looks that way!

  6. How did you learn how to do this? It looks awesome!!!!!!

    I would like to reupholster something...but I don't know how.

  7. Wow you did an amazing job! IT looks perfect. I am in awe.

  8. Sandy-I am not a professional! But this is definitely not my first try. I've done 5 or 6 things now.

    Priscilla-I found a book at the library (with pictures because I'm a very visual learner!). The most important thing is to pay careful attention while pulling off the fabric so that you know how to put the new fabric back on!