Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to School

Today was the the most highly anticipated day of the summer...or at least of the weekend! We donned our uniforms, loaded our supplies (at least most of them), snapped a couple of pics, and were all in the van by 7:28 a.m. That will never happen again! Here was attempt number one at a cute first day of school picture (look closely at JW's eyes!):
So, I forced a do-over:
This, of course, was John Wesley's very first day of school and I must admit, he was in rare form! First, he didn't speak one word when he got out of the bed (this is the kid that I usually have to tell to be quiet until given permission to speak again...he's very annoyingly talkative in the morning!). He continued in silence as he only managed to eat about half of his cereal (another oddity!). Then, he made THREE trips to the bathroom before he got out the door...and they weren't the standing up sort if you know what I mean! As we walked down the hallway, I saw the look of fear in his eyes for the first time EVER! But, he still offered a cute smile for his pose with Ms. Mayer:

As I left his classroom, I overheard him ask the kid across from him (as if he were very annoyed by it), "Why are you scribbling?" I quickly reminded him that we use kind words when speaking to our friends!!

Abbee (along with Parker) walked herself to class...but that didn't stop me from peeking in for a picture:
She has one of the best teachers in the whole universe! She is so excited to have Ms. Estes and I'm hoping Ms. Estes and I are still friends at the end of the year!

Emma was so patient waiting for her turn to be walked to class! Here she is with her wonderful teacher Mrs. Summerhill:
As she sat down at her desk and we began to unload her supplies, we realized she had left a whole sack of supplies at home! And, it happened to be the sack that had her school box, crayons, scissors, glue sticks, and pencils in it...all of which are first day NECESSITIES! The sweetest little princess beside her said, "Here. She can have some of my crayons...I have THREE WHOLE BOXES!" She was so sweet to offer and that made Emma feel much better!

Finally, these two would only let me take their picture BEFORE we got to their school...they are WAY TOO COOL for teacher pictures! It worked out nicely since I ended up loaning my camera to another second grade teacher who had seemingly misplaced her own! Here are two of the MOST TALKATIVE girls on the TIS campus:
After dropping FOUR kids at school, returning home to get the forgotten supplies, and writing an enormous check to the cafeteria staff, I finally returned to the house at 8:50...whew!

I'm so excited that all three of my BHE kiddos have teachers that are also my friends. It makes me feel very comfortable knowing they won't be able to get away with anything!!

When I picked JW up from school, I asked him what he learned today. He replied, "I learned that I need to walk quietly in the hall!" (I guess the vow of silence wore off!)

All in all, it was a perfect day for all of the kids. We are all looking forward to a great year!


  1. You are a super-star mom of many!!! Thanks for taking on yet another little one on your 1st official DAY OFF!

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  3. today i heard "MRS. DURNEISE"...and saw the cutest little caboose ever!!

  4. ok...that first picture totally cracks me up. i love your kids!!!

  5. So glad they had a great first day back. Now you can try to have some peace and quiet! :) You're such a good mommy!