Thursday, September 11, 2008

Leigh has a secret little habit...

Whenever she sees my camera laying around the house, she often sneaks a little self-portrait surprise for me. She never mentions it. She just waits for me to randomly look through my pictures one day and unexpectedly find something like this...
Or perhaps this...
And my favorite...

Seriously, these make me laugh out loud. This girl is a riot! Just wanted to take a moment to proclaim publicly...I love Leigh (and not in an Ellen DeGeneres/Portia de Rossi kind of way! Just in a "like a sister" sort of way! Because I did play college basketball, I just felt I needed to make that clear!) Thanks, Leigh, for always making me smile!


  1. yesss! you're my first unknown (as in i didn't know you read it, not i don't know you:)) blog reader!

  2. That's some funny stuff! Leigh makes me laugh a lot!

    Thanks for the super nice comment on my blog! I'm so blessed by you too! And by your great kids! :)

  3. girl YOU are soooo welcome!

    and i love you too!

  4. So awesome... and thanks for the clarification on the type of love you have for leigh!!!

  5. so...what kind of love do you have for me???