Monday, October 06, 2008

Ninjas in Bathrobes!

So, everyday, I get the privilege of escorting two of the most knowledgeable 5 year old boys I know home from school. Last week after school, Kristy and I were in the house chatting about what I'm sure was something life changing when we looked out the window and both wondered aloud, "Why are John Wesley and Luke outside in bathrobes?" But just as the words were off the tongue, we saw them bowing to each other...

The two cutest Ninjas EVER!! (Even if sparkling monkey bathrobes!)


  1. this totally cracked me up...seriously. Maybe they could sign up for some NINJA lessons from James...I hear he is one too!

  2. Those two little boys could change the world, for sure!! (even in girly bathrobes!!)