Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I got nothin'...

So, I've been reminded by two of my loyal 7 followers that it's been awhile. And, I agree. I'm wondering how being so very busy has left me with absolutely nothing to blog about! In an effort to re-enter the blogosphere, I thought I'd go ahead and share some of the stuff I thought about sharing but never did!

I thought about blogging about my favorite "Little G" spending the night on Friday. But, as laziness would have it, I didn't take ONE picture. Despite that fact, we had a blast hanging out with Glory and I'm pretty sure she did too! At one point, she grabbed my hand and said, "Mone LeeLee, let's go shoppin!" (Have you met her mother?!!) She slept with "Ju Ju" in the big girl bed and was so crazy excited when she woke up Saturday morning...AT 7:30! Jordan brought her straight to me where she literally went nuts in my bed squealing and kicking and rolling from one side to the other. Too cute! (Here's a picture of me and my girl from New Year's Eve!)

I also thought about blogging about this:
At some point on Friday, a blog link to a blog link to a blog link led me to this blog where there was a "10 minutes to a room you'll love" party going on. As I read through her tips on how to do a 10 minute makeover in your living room, master bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, I was inspired to re-arrange my living room and make it more loveable! (And if you know me well, you know it doesn't take much to inspire me to re-arrange or re-paint or re-apolster something! We've lived here a little over 5 years and I have arranged my living room approximately 5,203 ways; and, even though I've really liked some of the arrangements, I can't say that I've ever loved any of them!) So, I took "The Nester's" (as she is affectionately known) advice and started re-arranging...and re-arranging...and re-arranging. At one point, a friend of Abbee's who was over hanging out said, "Mrs. Shellee, what are you doing?" Ten hours later...

Okay, so you can't really tell anything from these photos...except perhaps what cute furniture models my girls are! But, come on over and see for yourself. It's cozy and inviting and I absolutely love it! (for now anyway!)

And, finally, I probably could have blogged about spending Saturday evening with Chris Tomlin and a few of my friends! While Stacey shot a decent group photo, all I managed to come away with were these:

Don't be jealous of my mad photography skillz. You can read about what a great time we had here or here!

And finally, to my loyal fans, I warned you in the title!


  1. Those are some SUPER GREAT pics of the concert!! You might need to take some lessons from Stacey!!

  2. Wow. Bless you for putting those pictures up! You better watch out, you never know when someone's going to put a camera in your face! :)

  3. i love that picture of you and Glory! Thanks for letting her spend the night with you guys. :D

  4. glad you're back! you can add photography to the list of 'you're better than me things.'