Monday, February 02, 2009

It just might be Monday

Yesterday morning, JW awoke and spoke these words, "Momma, when I went to bed last night, I didn't feel so good." I looked at his little rosy cheeks and glazed over eyes and asked him how he felt right now to which he replied, "Not so good."

I took his temp and sure enough, he had a fever. We made it through the morning with the help of a DVD player and the couch in my office (and Jordan's and Abbee's overly eager willingness to keep an eye on him for me during service!!). He slept all afternoon and woke up still running a temp until he went to bed at 7:00 PM!

This morning, I assumed he wouldn't be any better so I didn't bother waking him. I decided to email his teacher and see if she knew of any outbreaks of any kind of epizoodies from her class that I should be concerned about and that's when life as I knew it came to a screeching halt!

I have replayed the moment over and over in my mind and I STILL don't know what happened; but, somehow, my freshly poured cup of coffee ended up landing upside down on my laptop. THE. ENTIRE. CUP. And I don't drink coffee from a regular sized's the half-ton variety and did I mentioned I had just FILLED IT UP???

COMPLETE AND UTTER PANICK ENSUED as I tried to determine the best means of laptop rescue.

I sent a panick-filled text to Wes telling him of my woes and then continued drying, unscrewing tiny screws, and drying some more. Once I felt confident that I had dried up any and all coffee residue, I plugged her in and cranked her up and low and behold, SHE WORKED!! for about 10 seconds. Then, my screen started turning beautiful shades of blue, green, gray, black, and red. I quickly turned her back off and looked for anything else I could unscrew and take apart in hopes of saving her life!

Several screws, q-tips, and hairdryer cycles later (at one point while I was drying out my laptop with my hairdryer, JW asked, "Are you trying to make your computer's hair curly?" That kid's a riot!), I turned her on again. This time? N.O.T.H.I.N.G.--NOTHING!

Sadly, I screwed her all back together and began to let the reality that my relationship with my beloved laptop might indeed be over start to sink in. I sat down with some stuff I'd brought home from work and decided I'd try to do as much as I could without my laptop. Then, I'd re-evaluate the situation.

After a while, my cell phone rang. My heart jumped with delight when I saw who was calling. It was my bonus-son Jake who just happens to be a computer genius. The conversation went something like this:
Jake: So, Dad told me you drowned your laptop.
Me: Yea.
Jake: So, tell me again what it's doing.
Me: Well, blah blah blah (I explained it all from the beginning to the point of nothingness where we were now!).
Jake: (very calmly without intonation) Yea, you probalbly shouldn't have turned it on.
Me: (a little less calm with lots of intonation!) I know but I panicked!
Jake: Yea, I probably would've done the same thing. (He lied to make me feel better because Jake Powell would have never turned his computer on after spilling a half a pot of coffee on it because Jake Powell is NOT AN IDIOT!)

He went on to give me my options and told me my best bet for healing was to put my computer in front of a fan and leave it alone for at least an hour or two. But, he was afraid I might have fried the motherboard by turning it on.

So, I followed his instructions carefully, annointed my laptop with oil, laid on my hands and ask for a Divine healing!!

Two hours later: SHE'S ALIVE!! My laptop is healed! She's a little hyped up on caffeine, but other than that, she seems to be working properly!

THANK YOU, JAKE! Not only for being a genius, but also for not rubbing it in that I am an idiot! YOU ARE THE BEST COMPUTER FIXER EVER!


  1. I'm impressed by your perseverance!

    And good to know that if you give your computer a bath you shouldn't turn it on. I'm pretty OCD about my new one and can totally see myself dumping some Diet Coke on it! I hope not, but I know myself too well! :)

  2. funny stuff. Laptop abuse is not funny.

  3. i LOVE your blog background :)