Sunday, March 08, 2009

So much for quiet...but it was nice!

This was weekend one post UPWARD and giddy doesn't even begin to describe my mood!

Friday night was to be a quiet night for me and Wes. Drop the kids off at the church (check), get some Mexican food (check), sit on the back porch (check), and enjoy the evening (almost)! Just before 8:00, we got a frantic call from JP that JW was "PUKING ALL OVER THE PLACE."

JP has a flair for the dramatic. But, puke is puke. And, nothing spoils a nice quiet evening at home quite as fast as some puke. So, Wes left to go pick up the kiddos and my first thought was, "Crap. I just washed his sheets!" (It's the big things in life that get me.)

When he returned, Wes put JW to bed and my attention quickly turned to Emma who was crying about hurting her ankle at the gym. I looked at it and assessed that she was faking (because I'm compassionate like that) and gave her an icepack (so that she would think I had real compassion) and hoped to settle back into my nice quiet evening. (Apparently, I'm either extremely optimistic or extremely stupid. Either way, quiet was out of the question for the remainder of my night since Abbee had a friend spending the night and we had family stopping over for the night on their way to New Mexico.)

JW made it through the night with no further issues; but, Emma woke up Saturday saying her ankle was hurting even worse. She won't put any weight on it and is now using some "crunches" to get around. I'm still hanging on to the possibility that she is faking; but, boy, am I going to have great guilt if she is horribly mangled and irreparably damaged. I'm icing and elevating in the meantime in order to err on the side of caution and also to try and force a confession when the burden from all the work involved in maintaining an alleged injury becomes impossible to bear and she cracks from all the pressure and admits that she has had us all eating out of the palm of her hand the whole time! But, until then, she's on crutches and she's pretty cute hopping around on them.
We got to enjoy a little Lady Horned Frog basketball on Saturday afternoon with a few of our basketball friends! The girls were much more enamoured with the concession stand than with the basketball although $6 for Nachos seems a bit steep! We did cave and get them a 1/4 cup of Dippin' Dots for $4 and I nearly made Abbee lick them off the floor when she inadvertently flicked her spoon and sent $1.50 worth of dots flying through the air.

On another completely random note, I want to congratulate the sixth grade UIL Spelling Champion...Miss Jordan Powell! That girl is a spelling DIVA. Way to go, JP! We are proud of you!
So, while quiet was not a word I would use to describe our weekend. Quite nice are two words I would! With the beautiful weather and stomach bug that wasn't, I'd say it ranked pretty high on the pleasure scale!


  1. Way to go Jordan!! She's totally dominated that event!