Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We Heart the Zoo!

I'm not sure why, but the zoo never gets old! Perhaps it's the mating monkeys that also do funny butt tricks or the huge white tiger that licks the glass right in front of your face or even the 5 dollar icees without straws or lids; but, whatever it is, we can't get enough!

I loved listening to Glory express her excitement at every animal. She made lion "roars" and monkey noises as we would walk from one exhibit to the next! She even cried when we had to leave "Nemo!" (There was a big clown fish and a baby clown fish going into and out of a sea anemone! We told Glory it was Nemo, and it was over!)

Even JP, Emma, and Baylee were so excited to be there. We back-tracked several times just for them because they really wanted to see the lion being fed. Although we missed it, we did hear it let out several LOUD roars right as we were leaving.

Thanks, Aunt Leigh and Uncle James for taking us to the zoo...we had a blast!

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