Friday, March 27, 2009

Who's your mamaw?

This morning, Emma meandered into my bathroom in her first thing in the morning daze and said...

Emma: Mom, did you color your hair?
Me: Yes. Well, not me but...
Emma: When did you do it? Last night?
Abbee: You're just now noticing that because I noticed it first thing when I got home from school yesterday?! It's Aggie colors.
Me: What?
Abbee: It's maroon. Like the Aggie colors!
Emma: {giggle}
Abbee: Miss Estes couldn't dye her hair Baylor Bears' colors because green or yellow hair would look funny! But, maroon OR white hair is a real hair color! Like...what's that lady's name we know who has white hair?
Me: Carrie?
Abbee: Yea, like Carrie has white hair and you have maroon hair!

Just for the record, it's supposed to be dark brown. Now, I'm totally paranoid about my purple mamaw hair! So, Jenny, I guess you're right! I AM still winning the mamaw race! But you're right on my heels, girl, right on my heels!!


  1. you know that you are way more advanced than I, this is just one of those times that it's not in your favor, mamaw, with eggplant hair!

  2. i gotta see this hair!

  3. colored your hair without me??? the orange stripes were jenny's fault!!!! my color application was perfecto!!!! (sorry jen, didn't mean to throw you under the bus, but hurt people, hurt people!!)