Friday, April 03, 2009

Because apparently, the cable guy has standards!

I am a bed maker. There are only two days a week that I leave my bed unmade...Sundays (because I usually have BIG plans to crawl back into it) and Fridays (because Wes is always STILL IN IT when I leave the house!). I have even been known to swing back by the house after dropping off the kids at school in order to make my bed before going to work. There is just something about seeing a nicely made bed that makes my afternoons brighter. And, crawling into one at the end of a LONG DAY? Doesn't get any better!

Wes is NOT a bed maker. Wes has never made our bed. EVER. One, because I'm still in it 5 out of 7 mornings when he leaves for work. And also because Wes is NOT a bed maker! So, imagine my surprise when I walked into my bedroom one Friday afternoon to find this:When I re-gained consciousness, I asked him if his girlfriend was stopping by or something. He replied, "No. I'm waiting on the cable guy."


It still makes me chuckle when I think about it! He has invited people over on numerous occasions when our house was a complete and utter disaster and not thought once about tidying anything; but, when the cable guys coming...

Apparently, I've underestimated the importance of impressing the cable guy!

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