Monday, April 20, 2009

The Gospel according to JW...

As we were getting out of the van in the church parking lot yesterday...

JW: Mom, I sang those last two God songs. [referring to the Tomlin CD we listened to on the way to church].

ME: I know. I heard you! I thought it sounded beautiful!

JW: Do you know why I sang those songs?

ME: Why?

JW: Because I wanna be a Christian when I grow up...just like Uncle James!

[a few seconds of silence as we continue our trek into the building]

JW: How many people at this church are Christians?

ME: Only God knows that.

JW: Are YOU A Christian?

ME: [chuckle]

JW: Because you sometimes sing God songs!

[Program Note: Hopefully, God doesn't use the same standard to decide our status as Christians as JW because I have been known to sing a song or seven million with questionable lyrics!! In my defense, they have GREAT rhythms, fun music, and you can really dance to them!]


  1. "he wants to be a Christian like Uncle James"!!!! that is sooo sweet!

  2. ummmm...i noticed you never answered his question...are you a christian???? hmmmmmm...