Sunday, June 21, 2009

Celebrations and Preparations

We had a great weekend of celebrations starting with my birthday on Friday, Emma's on Saturday, and Father's Day today! I came home from work on Friday to a spotless house and a bar lined with sweet home-made cards and awesome presents! Sarah took all the kids to Jake and Heather's and Wes and I had almost 24 hours completely to ourselves. It was the strangest thing!! We went to dinner on Friday AND lunch on Saturday ALONE.

I spent the majority of the day on Saturday getting ready to get ready to go to camp! I think the reason I hate packing so much is that the first step in packing is ALWAYS laundry, which at the Powell house looks a little something like this...(See, Mom, those piano lessons really paid off!)

Anyhoo, after packing for six people, I think we are all set for Kids' Camp tomorrow! JP, Abbee, Wes, and I are all spending the week at camp while Emma and JW spend some quality time with their Aunt Leigh, Uncle James, and Glory!!

I'm off to bed to get charged for the big week ahead. (Of all the people here in Oz, I think I'll miss my bed the most!!)

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