Thursday, July 30, 2009

Never Trust a Crock Pot

It started innocently enough. I had finished cleaning the kitchen and I saw my old large crock pot sitting beside the sink. I've been meaning to make room for it under the island for over a week now. You see, I got a new crock pot (and when I say new, I mean Grandpa found it and thought of me!). It's quite a fancy smancy crock pot. I really love it. As far as crock pots go, it's a Cadillac!

The new large crock pot replaced the old large crock pot in the cabinet under the island where all crock pots are stored. I used to have a large crock pot and a small crock pot. We are a large family and if we have guests that happen to also have a large family, we often cook in two different crock pots. (How many times can I say crock pot?)

To the point. I want to keep both the Cadillac and the SUV; but, felt it was time to let the sedan go. In order to store the cadillac, I needed to clean out the cabinet under the island. Easy mission: Open door. Pull out Sedan. Park Cadillac and SUV. Go to bed. Five minutes tops!

But, as I was cleaning out the cabinet under the island, I found something that belonged in the cabinet above the stove. I then decided that there were several things up there that I never use and began to pull those things out. Which led to finding some things that I thought would be better stored perhaps the cabinet under the cooktop. Before I knew it, my kitchen (that was clean when I started) looked like this:

THREE HOURS LATER... my pantry is cleaned out, the cabinet above the oven, the two cabinets below the cooktop, AND the island cabinet. WHEW! AM I TIRED!

The moral of this terribly long and boring story? Never trust a crock pot!

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  1. girl...what can i say...that's funny, i don't care who you are!!