Thursday, August 13, 2009

Perseid Meteor Shower

Last night, my sweet little muffins talked me into staying up past 1:00 AM to watch the Perseid meteor shower! We hauled our blankets (it was actually a little cool with a pleasant breeze) and pillows and a little popcorn (because we can't do anything unless there is food involved!) to the trampoline and watched the sky for about an hour and a half!

The sky did not disappoint! We saw countless meteors; but, the most brilliant was one of the very first ones we saw. It was so bright and you could see red, yellow, and green "lights" trailing behind it!

Although I'm certain we made a memory the kids will never forget, my favorite part was when we all became so deliriously tired that everything said was hilarious. At one point, I had to ask JP to STOP for a second because I was laughing so hard I could not breathe...which made me get a little panicky...which caused me to hyperventilate...which only worsened my inability to breathe!

It's not too late to see the shower for yourself! It will be visible through the 24th from around 11 PM- 4AM. (We got to the trampoline around 11:45 and by 1:00, the rate at which the meteors were coming had slowed way down!) Look up, be patient, and enjoy the spectacular show!!

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