Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Painting Par-tay

We managed to squeeze in a little pumpkin painting party before we left last week. Somehow, dragging out paint offers hours of quiet entertainment. Which means we will now be scheduling pumpkin painting as a weekly activity at our house!

One day, my children will wonder why in EVERY photo we have of them, they are making these faces. And, sadly, I will no longer remember that they purposefully made these faces and thought that they were super hilarious.

Check out Emma's ability to focus...
...and the other three too!

There is even peace as their arms must cross paths in order to maintain their perfectly thought out artistic interpretations!

And the results???

Abbee is demonstrating the bipolarity of her little pumpkin friend! Both freaky and friendly! Just the combo I prefer in my pumpkins!!
And so goes another night of fallish Halloweeny fun!!


  1. hee hee. you just said weeny!!

  2. aww....we missed all the fun! but they turned out so cute! and is that a mum from the wedding?...i didn't bring one home :(

  3. That is so fun!! I'm impressed with all your Fall fun!