Monday, January 10, 2011

A Very Long Story About an Entry Way and a Gallery Wall

This story begins in the spring of 2010 when I decided to re-paint the entry way. My house was full of warm reds and golds, but I wanted to cool it off a bit. I went with a blue-gray color that's technical name is "slate green," though I don't know that anyone would describe it as green in my entry! (The photo above is the way it looked when I stopped taping off the crown molding because I remembered I wanted a "before" picture...this is a "semi-before" picture!)

Because it was such a drastic change, it took me a few days to decide I loved it. But, love it I did! However, loving it demanded that the buffet get an overhaul as well, because let's face it, what's the point in getting Botox injections in your forehead if you're just going to leave your crows feet alone?

So I chipped off those intricate carvings on the buffet doors with a crow bar and hammer and used paintable wall paper to cover the ugly, chipped off wood.

Then, I painted it!

Yes, I PAINTED A SOLID WOOD PIECE OF FURNITURE! Wes might have even gasped a little when he drove up from work and it was on the front porch covered in primer! But in the end, even he conceded that it was an improvement!

However, there was one more thing I was itching to do!

And, finally...FINALLY...TEN MONTHS LATER FINALLY, I have FINALLY completed my entry way vision!!

I'll save you the scroll! Here's another look at the before:
Here is a closer look at the newly vamped buffet:

And, a full frontal of the gallery wall:There are a couple of frames that are waiting on their pictures and perhaps some hurricanes awaiting their candles, but this little overhaul turned out even better than I expected!

Every time I look at it, I just want to paint something else.

Oh. Wait. That's just my normal!

But, I'm thinking this room just might make it through 2011 without getting re-painted!

The end.


  1. Oh Shellee! I LOVE it!

  2. Anonymous5:30 PM

    What a change! I love the color and the pictures. Great scale. I'm glad you painted the buffet. It is amazing what paint and a little extra grunt work can do. Good job! Keep it up.


  3. I love how you changed the color and painted the wood. Only pretty wood is good wood :) I love how you did your collage wall too. It looks so homey and cozy. Thank you for sharing your home with us! Jen

  4. Fantastic!!! So fresh and now. I know you must be so very proud of your hard work and perseverance. Kudos!

  5. Truly, awesome job! It looks so much better! Just beautiful! I love the color of the walls! Good for you!

  6. Love it! Especially love your photo gallery wall!