Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy 11th Birthday, Abbee!

Abbee turned 11 this month and to celebrate, we invited some of her favorite people over for some nerky and laser tag!
Here is Abbee and the nerky ball! I love this picture...it highlights one of Abbee's most unique features, her two different color eyes!

Instead of a cake, Abbee opted for cake balls. It was a fantastic idea right up until the candles ceremony! Being the "every obstacle is an opportunity" kind of mom that I am, I improvised!

The gifts seemed to have a definite theme!

We found these plates and napkins and believed they were quite appropriate for a celebration involving Abster.

Apparently, we were right!

Here are eleven reasons why Abbee is a super kid:
1. She is seldom seen without a smile.
2. She is kind and compassionate.
3. She is easily entertained!
4. She loves to please.
5. She often lets others have their way!
6. She enjoys all sports.
7. She doesn't mind folding laundry!
8. She gives 110% to everything except keeping her room clean!
9. She will go to Wal-Mart with Wes even if she doesn't feel like it!
10. She has a super sense of humor!
11. She has a heart of gold!
Happy 11th Birthday, Abigail Faith! I'm especially grateful that God has blessed me with you!

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  1. i love that kid! she is so fun to be around!