Monday, November 16, 2009

I usually ACE all of my tests!

My Stuggling with the Rules of the English Language Friend,

While I agree that the rules of both the written and spoken language that has been deemed official in these United States are many and complex, one of the simplest rules to both learn and implement is the capitalization rule. It states that all sentences should begin with a capital letter. All proper nouns should be capitalized as well.

There are certainly times when all caps are indicated (especially in the blog world) in order to emphasize the strong emotions behind one's words. For instance, IS IT REALLY ALL THAT DIFFICULT TO USE YOUR SHIFT KEY??? However, I am not aware of a time when NO capital letters are needed.

That being said, it is your blog. You are the hero of your own blog story. You can choose to follow the rules or to break them. And, you have ALWAYS been quite the REBEL!thereforedonotworryaboutanyrulesorlackthereofonmyaccountafterallrulesweremadetobebroken!

Shell Shell


  1. at least she knows how to spell "struggling"!

  2. oooh, nice one kel-kel!!

  3. Kell Kell,
    ibelieveistatedthatrulesaremeanttobebroken. andyouarenolongerinvitedtomybirthdayparty!!