Monday, March 08, 2010

Jeff and Taylor's Wedding

While looking through my pictures, I've come across several events that never made it to the blog (gasp!). And I definitely need to post these super cute pictures of these super cute girls who just so happen to clean up rather nicely. Here are three of those super cuties!
Wes and I clean up nicely as well! At least I think so!
One of these two didn't clean up at all! But, she's still awfully cute!
It's all about the kewl. (Does anyone know why we changed the spelling of cool? Is "kewl" that much easier to text than "cool"? Anyone? Bueller?)

Ah. Here they are in all their gorgeous.
When did these little girls become young ladies anyway?
I didn't actually take my camera to the wedding, so the title is a little misleading. However, it was a beautiful ceremony with some of the BEST wedding music I've ever heard. Oh Happy Day indeed!

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