Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Bad Case of Stripes!

This past winter, Abbee talked her roommate and I into giving her the room she has always dreamed of: an AGGIE room! Unfortunately, there aren't a whole lot of color options when one is limited to maroon and white.

I definitely didn't want maroon walls and white walls and Abbee? NO WAY! So we settled on gray walls. Gray is, after all, the new brown!

Reluctantly, I painted over the bright, chipper colors that were on the wall and the room was indeed transformed.

Unfortunately, the room was feeling a little too gray (read: boring), but I wasn't quite sure how to solve the problem. I felt like the room was lacking some much needed color, but the only color that fit our Aggie theme was maroon. For the record, not many cute girls' bedroom items come in maroon!

I finally figured out a solution that would at least make the room a bit more fun...STRIPES!

The stripes added some much needed visual interest, and both Abbee and I agree that they took the room up a notch!

(There are plans to add the "aTm" to the middle of the striped wall, but I am trying to figure out how to do that in a semi-permanent fashion. All ideas are certainly welcome!)


  1. the zebra striped pillow is a nice touch too! anytime u want to come down south and help me with the girls' rooms...feel free...the chicken fried steak will be on me!

  2. Anonymous1:21 AM

    use a vinyl stick on for the logo...no mess no fuss