Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Sneak Peek

We had early dismissal today because, last night, a friend of mine convinced me that I should be stressed out because I had a few costumes to make before Halloween and Halloween was a mere 4 days away! So, the kids got the afternoon off, and Jenny came over to help me whip up a couple of Gingy costumes! (Thanks to Brody being sick. Sorry, Bro, to profit from your suffering but I appreciate it so much!!)

Someone is also being a skeleton! (I actually made two of these costumes too, but I made them last weekend because I don't always procrastinate everything!)

Now, I only have a couple of more Halloweenish things to cross off my to-do list!

Being able to schedule unexpected early release... reason number 5,352 why I love homeschooling!

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