Thursday, October 07, 2010

My Little Class

I volunteered to teach Anatomy and Physiology at our Co-Op this semester, and these little punks are my class!Let me introduce them to you...
Class Dunce: She's not as dumb as she looks in pictures.
Would NOT Cooperate: I like this uncooperative little punk!
My Favorite Student: This guy told his mom that I was the BEST TEACHER EVER.
My Favorite Student's Brother: This guy did NOT tell his mom that I was the best teacher ever!
My Loudest Student: Girlfriend is LOUD!

We were making edible cells that flopped! However, when I tried it at home, the "cell" came out of my bowl perfectly. What. Ever.

I am really enjoying teaching these guys as I am not only quite passionate about the subject matter, but am also quite in love with my little class.


  1. Really great work, nice posts!

  2. So Crasy! Im don't like it!