Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Weekend Project-Chair

If my memory serves me correctly, this is the third time I have re-covered this lovely hand-me-down recliner that was given to us when we moved in this house almost 7 years ago. Once every two years is NOT BAD!! Right?

Last time, I might have also sworn I'd never recover it again.

You shouldn't swear.

Also, never say never.

Here is the before/before/after:
If you look at the arm of the chair, you can see the original blue in the first picture! Then, I was feeling the red a couple of times. Now, I'm loving the white slip-covered look.

Yes, white is a STUPID choice in my house with the four kids and the black shedding dog.

Thanks for asking!

I figure when it's ruined, I'll try something different.

So, next month I'll possibly be at it again!

For now, I'm kind of diggin' it!

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