Monday, November 08, 2010

Halloween 2010

My kids were more excited than ever about Halloween this year! In the past, we have always spent Halloween at the harvest festival, but this year, we ventured out into the vast unknown world of "real" trick-or-treating!

We gathered with this group of goblins and ghouls, storming the neighborhood in search of treats! Cutest Buzz Lightyear EVER!!!

Gingy and Sandy...

Emma taking an important call...
Buzz tuckered out!
Our crazy clan wiping out a candy bowl...
The end...


  1. what a crew! and that is the cutest buzz ever!!! did yall find any razor blades in your apples?

  2. make sure we were razor blade free, I personally inspected each piece of candy, and if it looked suspicious, I ate it just to be sure!!!

    There were several Reese's cups that definitely concerned me!!! ;)