Monday, March 07, 2011

State Tournament 2011

Last weekend, the girls and I took a road trip to the Texas Homeschool State Tournament. It was an exhausting, I mean exciting time! I would have blogged about it sooner if I had been able to think through the fog that has lingered in my brain for the last week.

I had the privilege of coaching both the 14U and 16U girls' teams during the tournament, and I'm pretty sure it shaved about 10 years off of my life because, OH THE PRESSURE!

Both JP and Abbee played on the 14U team, and that group of girls had a phenomenal season, finishing 8th in the state with a record of 15-4. We lost the game that would have put us in the running for 5th place by only 2 points! (I made the girls promise me that next year, they would just blow everyone away so that chances of my dying of a stroke right there on the sidelines would diminish significantly! And, no, I do not have a problem with competitiveness, why do you ask?)
One of the highlights for me was meeting up with my college roommate, Sharon, whose son's team won the tournament at the 18U level! We had not seen each other in 15 years! If not for the aforementioned brain fog, I'm sure I would have thought to snap a picture!

One of the main concerns I had when deciding to homeschool was if and where my girls would be able to play sports. The Eagles' organization has given the girls a fantastic place to compete, meet new friends, and play the game they love!
While Abbee is trying to convince us to let her play on a select team through the summer, I am refusing to even think about basketball for at least the next six weeks. With any luck, by then the fog will have lifted and my blood pressure will have returned to normal!


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  3. WoW ! First i would like to congratulate for your team and being a girl you much interest in sports that a big thing.Unfortunately Basket ball is one of my favorite game and i would like to play after my school hours and our team was a national player and won for one time.

    You have wonderful article and keep your game best.Ms lady Eagle 14u you have nice theme of your team.. so good luck for the next tournament...... till then have a great time with your friends

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