Monday, January 16, 2012

On Eating Better

Here's the truth.  I know a whole lot about health and nutrition.

My degree required many health and nutrition classes in addition to everything I learned about physical fitness. The two go hand and hand. It's hard to be in peak physical condition without regard for nutrition and health. So, I know a lot.

Another fact.  I don't put much of that knowledge into practice. I don't eat the way I should. I love sugar, fat, and caffeine. A. WHOLE. LOT.

Here's another fact.  Vegetables and I have a very rocky relationship on a good day!  Honestly, I have never liked them. Over the years, I have learned to tolerate them because I know they are necessary; but, I doubt very seriously that there will ever be a day when I think to myself, "Boy, I sure wish I had some carrots." (You can insert any vegetable you like. I am no respecter of veggies when it comes to my disdain. They are all pretty equally disgusting to me!)

Given these facts, I honestly know that eating better is going to be a real challenge for me.

Wes recently convinced me to watch the documentary "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" with him. I admittedly am not a fan of the whole we eat a crappy diet documentary bandwagon that everyone has jumped on lately!

He asked and asked me to watch it.

I never did.

One day over Christmas break, I was chillin' by the fire and he just came in and turned it on. Sneaky little sucker.

No matter how you feel about the aforementioned bandwagon, this fat, sick, and nearly dead guy had some phenomenal results from choosing to change his eating habits. It's just no secret that the typical American diet is crap (though this guy is Australian! Ha!). And we most likely feel like crap because we eat like crap.

None of this would have mattered much to me if I hadn't been feeling so crappy lately! But, I have been feeling crappy. And, this guy said that he has more energy, more mental clarity, and feels better than ever.

Yes, please. I'll take two of each of those.

Because of that film, I am determined to eat better. Wes is all in. In fact, he found a $45 juicer on Craigslist and we are starting with a juice detox. (Please note:  After obtaining said juicer, Wes also obtained all of the ingredients necessary to make Mr. Fat Sick and Nearly Dead's "mean green" juice. I drank said juice. I DRY HEAVED. True story. Veggie juice does not taste any better than veggies. :/)
This is the actual "Mean Green" juice... and I drank it!
So, on the practical side for resolution number 2, I plan to do a weekend juice fast every six weeks in 2012. I will also drink more water and make a conscious effort to think about the things I am putting into my body. It's not that I will never eat anything bad for me again. I know that is crazy. It's just that I need to eat more of the veggies and fruits and less of the processed and meats.

So three practical eating better steps:
1. Drink more water
2. Juice fast one weekend every 6 weeks
3. Cut back on the processed foods, fast foods, etc.

So those are the facts. All wagers are on. How long will I last? Will the increased energy and mental clarity be enough to ward off the Dr. Pepper and Wingstop? Will I ever crave a carrot? Is feeling good while homeschooling four children even possible?

I can't wait to find out!

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