Friday, March 09, 2012

Viral Videos and Baby Girls

I don't know if you've seen the KONY 2012 video floating around Facebook. It went viral in all of 10 minutes or something like that! It has also stirred up some controversy regarding the use of funds by the non-profit behind the video, Invisible Child.

None of this has much to do with my post except that Wednesday night, instead of going to Bible study like I usually do, I stayed home. I really had no valid excuse. I just didn't want to go. So, I didn't!

Instead, I lounged around and watched American Idol with my kids. (almost as spiritually enriching as Bible study, I know!)

Afterward, I was checking up on Jordan's FB activity when I noticed she had posted that KONY 2012 video. I asked her what that video was about, to which she replied, "You have to watch it!"

"I don't want to watch it. I just want you to tell me what it's about."

She grabbed my phone, and tapped the video so that it would begin playing.

That's when I noticed it's almost THIRTY MINUTES LONG!!

"I don't want to watch a 30 minute long video, Jordan! Just tell me what it's about!!"

In the meantime, the video began. And, Emma snuggled up beside me and watched as well.

In case you have no idea, the video sheds light on a man named Joseph Kony who for several of decades has kidnapped children across Africa to fight in his rebel army. It highlights, in particular, a Ugandan named Jacob who was a victim of Kony and watched as his brother was murdered right in front of him.

Heart wrenching doesn't begin to cover it.

Anyway, about mid-way through, the video froze up and we couldn't finish it.

I sent everyone to bed and headed that way myself.

About thirty minutes later, Abbee and Emma walked into my room. Abbee explained that Emma really needed to tell me something.

Emma had buried her face in my bed.

Once I convinced her to talk to me, I discovered she was sobbing.

She told me that she had just realized how selfish she is. She said she knew that she had so much and those kids have so little, and she didn't deserve to have such a good life when there were people whose lives were so tragic.

Then, she told me she wanted to know God. She wanted to really know him and she wanted him to help her not be so sinful.

Wes and I talked with her for a few minutes, and then I asked her if she wanted me to pray.

She said that she wanted to pray.

And then...

Emma, through sobs, confessed that she knew she was a sinner. She asked Jesus to forgive her and help her learn to follow him and trust him. She prayed for the Ugandan kids, and that God would help them too.

Here's the beautiful, awe-inspiring thing: God used half of a viral You-Tube video to stir Emma's heart to repentance. The Spirit worked in her and revealed to her her need for the cross, for the gospel. In that moment, I saw the mystery of the gospel manifest in the heart of my baby girl. And, all I could do was praise Him.

The next morning, I asked Emma if she understood what had happened last night. She replied, "I became a follower of Jesus."

I LOVE that she said "became." 

Passive voice. 

Because SHE had NOTHING to do with it! 

She was the receiver of the most precious gift: the gift of forgiveness and righteousness given freely by the One who paid it all.

To God be the glory forever!


  1. Amen. God bless her! That's the best decision she'll ever make.

  2. That is the most awesome thing I have ever read! I have goose bumps!