Thursday, October 04, 2007

Aggieland, I feel like I haven't slowed down much this week; but, I'm trying not to let this blogging thing become another "chore" I feel obligated to do! I wanted to capture a few highlights from last weekend before this weekend! In a word, last weekend was BUSY! But, SUPER FUN!! (In two words!) So, Saturday, I loaded up...not got loaded up...and headed to one of my favorite places...Aggieland! Basically, we beat the snot outta Baylor (WHOOP!). Emily was a lone gold shirt in the midst of the maroon out sea.
Deneise took in the game a little differently than the rest of the crowd! As Kelly, Emily and I struggled to see the game around "the human umbrella," Neisey caught up on our book club read and headed to the MSC for a little shopping and A/C! Kelly took a slight turn toward death early in the third quater. Being the stubborn gal that she is, it took awhile to return her to the land of the living! We had to steal a towel and buy a $4 water bottle; but, in the end, it was Casa Ole` that brought her back. All in all, it was a great day with great friends! Thanks, guys, for a great day full of belly laughs!

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