Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

We had rough and rowdy New Year's Eve celebration...okay, maybe more calm and gentle...okay, somewhere in between...what I'm trying to say is we enjoyed an evening at the McKee's. Stacey put me in charge of the "presentation" because, let's face it, I'm practically Rachel Ray. These are the trays I put together for the hoagie buffet. I must give kuddos to Stacey because we had some seriously delicious food...I think I ate the entire pan of stuffed mushrooms (SO YUMMY!).

This is the cheese, bacon, mushroom platter arranged superbly by yours truly. If you ever want to cook a whole bunch of delicious food that I'm going to get to eat and all you need me to do is arrange is on the serving platters, I'm in!
The kiddos were toasting with some Dublin DP while they patiently awaited the "all systems go" order from the master chef!
Jordan, Baylee, and Kellen showing a little New Year glee.
At some point during the night, Jordan asked Stacey this random question: "Mrs. Stacey, will you teach me to cross stitch?" To which Stacey replied, "Sure!" Although Stacey meant some other time, Jordan took it to mean that very evening so every few minutes, she would ask Stacey where her cross stiching stuff was or when she was going to be able to show her how to cross stich. Stacey patiently tried to explain that her cross stiching materials were out in the storage shed and we might have to do it another time. However, she underestimated the determination of one Jordan Powell!! Jordan offered to go the shed (in the dark) and find the cross stiching supplies. She and Baylee ventured out with one flashlight and a whole lot of will power. After several wrong boxes, they finally returned with THE BOX! This is Stacey teaching them to cross stich!!

And finally, after returning home around 1:00 A.M., spending another hour convincing Baylee we shouldn't call her Mom to come pick her up, setting up a movie so she and Abbee could just fall asleep watching it, I finally tucked myself into bed around 2:30. I knew I could sleep in today, so I didn't fret too much. I tried to drown out Emma's constant coughing (she was in our bed because she played the sick card and we were too beat to fight it!)and, at some point after 2:30 and before 3:00 fell asleep. However, my blissful rest was only momentary as I awoke to the sound of Abbee barging into my room crying, "Mom, I'm throwing up!"

No two words make me cringe more than throwing up! She had emptied the contents of her entire digestive system onto her five blanket pallet (one comforter, one sleeping bag, and three quilts!). All I can say is when I crawled back into bed after tending to her, cleaning the mess, and tucking her warmly into her bed, it was 4:28 A.M. What a way to kick off the New Year!

I almost felt sorry for myself until I was gently reminded that it could be worse...she could have been puking from the adverse affects of chemotherapy or some other much more serious problem. She woke me up around 10 AM wanting to eat! I let her have a hot dog bun...we were out of crackers AND bread! By this evening, she was eating gumbo, cupcakes, and ice cream. I think she's feeling better!

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