Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Merry Christmas

Well...after FOUR official Christmas celebrations, the decorations are coming down and all visions of sugarplums have turned into reflections of cellulite! But, I won't gore you with the details!! Here are some snapshots of our joyful and triumphant celebrations...and for some reason, they are in no particular order!
This one is of Glory and Emma piled in the bed on Christmas Eve...all four of my kids slept crossways on a queen size bed! They were so cute. I meant to go snap a picture after they fell asleep but, once Santa showed up, I forgot!

This picture is of G.G. on her maiden voyage. Santa brought her the cutest little rocking elephant and she was very excited...so excited, she almost lost control a couple of times...in her defense, it's difficult to steer an elephant...I have trouble steering my own rear end sometimes and it's only half the size of an elephant!

Grandpa and all the grands...except JW...not sure how he snuck out of this photo!

This is Randee Hope...she wasn't feeling too well and she wasn't too happy that her mom was within sight and wasn't holding her. And, apparantly, I wasn't a viable alternative!

This is Maggie Jo and Madyson. Maggie's glasses are Hannah Montana and she informed me that the kids in her class call her "M.J. with the H.M.'s!" Too cute!

Glory exploring the wonders of gift unwrapping. She took this job very seriously.

Everyone sporting their Christmas Eve Jammies!

All in all, we had a great time with all of the family. I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas too!


  1. was that really a santa suit your dad was wearing??

    very festive!!

  2. It was just a red t-shirt that looked like a Santa suit...it said "does this suit make me look fat?"...hee hee!

  3. in the picture with grandpaw abbee's teeth are super white...does she have her gum on them?? I can't really tell :D