Thursday, February 28, 2008

Emma's sick

Yesterday morning, Emma awoke with a tennis ball sized lymph node under her chin. Since I am such an attentive mother, I didn't notice until Abbee gasped in the bathroom and said, "Mom! What in the world is wrong with Emma's chin?" I took one look and (again being the above bar Mom that I am) FREAKED OUT! I immediately got on-line and googled swollen lymph node (not a smart idea) and was certain Emma's life could be in tremendous peril by the time I'd finished reading everything!

The doctor's office "worked us in" which is a medical term that means sitting in the waiting room for hours until every other patient who actually has an appointment is seen! We were the very last to get called back. After over an hour of waiting, the doctor finally came in and examined her. She was telling me that she wanted to run some tests and explaining the possible causes of the tennis ball jaw. When she left the room to get the strep test stuff, Emma looked at me and said, "Does tests mean the same thing as shots?"

After the strep test came back negative, we were sent from the office to the lab for some bloodwork and as we were leaving the office, Emma says, "I think I just need an oreo milkshake with no whooped cream!" Now, THAT'S MY GIRL! She knows that there is nothing an oreo milkshake can't make better!

Long story short, the doctor thinks she has mono...but, we won't be sure until the lab results are in. Her gland is a little smaller today, and she says she's feeling a little better! Apparently, she's is. She has gone from sad, pathetic sick girl to bossy, snippy sick girl! We're hoping she's ready to go back to school by tomorrow and when I say we I mean me!

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  1. Amen, Emma! An oreo milkshake without whooped cream will make it better, I'm sure! I think I would pay to hear here say that!