Sunday, March 09, 2008

It's Been a Long Time...

Since I played basketball! I played a friendly game of ball this afternoon and let me just say, every muscle from my neck to my big toe hurts. Mostly the little muscles between my ribs from the heaving I was doing trying to run up and down the court. Five minutes is a LONG time when you're out of shape!

It's also been a long time since I vacuumed out my van...until today that is. Please don't ask how long because that's just embarrassing! Here are some tips for those of you who drive around with little people in your back seats:
1. Don't ask about the bright orange goo stuck to carpet in the third row (in fact, unless you're really brave, don't venture to the third row!)
2. Don't ever lift the floor mats! (What happens under the floor mats should stay under the floor mats)
3. The pockets on the backs of the seats? BAD IDEA!
4. The cubbies back by the cup holders? WORSE IDEA!
5. The nastiest place in the whole back seat area? THE GRIMY DISGUSTING I'M NOT QUITE SURE HOW LIGHT IS EVEN STILL PASSING THROUGH WINDOWS! Those backseat windows were nine kinds of nasty. I'm pretty sure you should be caught up on all your vaccinations before tackling those!'s been pretty much all winter since I swept off the back porch. I knew it was in dire need of a sweep; but, I don't believe in working in harsh weather conditions. So, I tackled that today too.

Now, I can wait a really long time before doing any of the above mentioned things again!

1 comment:

  1. Very impressive!!
    Basketball, car cleaning, and sweeping all in one day??

    I would have totally stopped with the basketball!!

    Good moves out there, by the way!!